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Primary Junior Indigenous Education Resources

Resources for K-6 teachers.

Indigenous Knowledge and Teachings

Perspectives on Indigenous Education

The State of Aboriginal Learning in Canada: A Holistic Approach to Measuring Success (2009):

First Nations Holistic Lifelong Learning

First Nations House of Learning - Xwi7xwa (pronounced "whei-wah") Library is a branch of the University of British Columbia libraries.

First Nations, Métis & Inuit Assoication of Ontario: Includes links to K-12 web resources that are culturally accurate, varied, and reflect the lands we teach in.

Redefining how success is measured in Aboriginal learning

Connecting Canadians in Learning: Click on Library >> search on aboriginal

The Language of Literacy: A National Resource Directory of Aboriginal Literacy Programs

EGALE: Canada Human Rights Trust Two Spirits, One Voice Two Spirits, One Voice is an initiative that seeks to bolster support for persons that identify both as LGBTQI and Indigenous –Two Spirit people.

Websites by Subject

First Nation’s Art (Canada): Examples of art from different First Nation’s groups in Canada with links to museums and galleries.

Tishinanu An interactive website on Aboriginal cultures in Canada. There are 26 topics to guide your discovery. You will meet extraordinary people and share your opinions. Each topic has an Overview, Panorama and Activity.

Avataq Cultural Institute The Inuit Cultural Organization Of Nunavik (Northern, Quebec, Canada).These activities will help your students discover the history, culture and art of the Inuit of Nunavik.

Haudenosaunee Educator's Guide (Smithsonian)


Canada: A People's History: This web site is based on the CBC TV series. It includes a time-line, audio-visual downloads and a bibliography and reading list for each episode.

Canada’s First Nations: This is a multimedia tutorial which focuses on the history of Canada's First Nations peoples, from ancient times to the nineteenth century. - VMNF - The First Nations of the New-France era: Introduction to the six first nations group of Canada in the days of New France.

Hudson's Bay Company Archives : Archives of Manitoba: information on the human and natural history of western and northern Canada.

Aboriginal Place Names: The map of Canada is a rich tapestry of place names. These names reflect the diverse history and heritage of the nation. Many of the country's earliest place names draw on Aboriginal sources.


Aboriginal People’s Choice Awards: Music artists by genre" Acoustic, Blues, Country, Folk, Gospel, Pop, Rap or Hip Hop, Rock and Traditional

Reddnation: Firmly establishing themselves through hard work and perseverance, they have risen above all challenges and successfully earned their reputations as one of the most dynamic Canadian hip‐hop groups of all time. 

Residential Schools: Healing and Reconcilation

Aboriginal Healing Foundation (Archived site. The site was closed 30 September 2014).

The Land

From Ontario School Boards

From Provincial Education Depts.