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Primary Junior Indigenous Education

Resources for K-6 teachers.

Introducing Omni

The Queen's University Library Search Platform

Omni LogoAs of 12 December 2019, Queen's University Library is using Omni, a search platform we are sharing with 13 other Ontario university libraries.

Questions?  Check out the Library's Omni Search Tips.

Find Books by Title

1. Go to the Omni Advanced Search.

2. Change Any Field to Title

3. Change contains to starts with or is (exact), depending on what you know

4. Type in the title:  do not use the, a

5. Change Resource Type to Books & eBooks


6. Scroll down to see the results.

7. If necessary, on the left sidebar, under AVAILABILITY, select Available Online.


Find Books by Subject

1. Go to the Omni Advanced Search.

2. If it makes sense, change ANY FIELD to TITLE to force your essential key word to be in the title of your results.

2. Change Resource Type to Books & eBooks.

3. Add other search terms to the search boxes. Use "quotation marks" around phrases. Use * for alternate word endings.

4. Each row should match one part of your search:

omni search screen

5. Scroll down to see the search results.

6. On the left sidebar, under AVAILABILITY, limt to AVAILABLE ONLINE.

7. To see the newest ebooks, change Sort by RELEVANCE to Sort by DATE-NEWEST.

Open Textbooks

BC Campus OpenEd. Search here for open textbooks to support your teaching and learning.

eCampusOntario. Check out the From Colleges & Universities link.

EBook Collections

EBSCO Ebooks

ebsco ebooks logo

ProQuest Ebook Central

‚ÄčProQuest Ebook Central

Ask your Education librarian about the possibility of purchasing a title if a title you'd like to see is not available at Queen's.  Many ebook purchases can be made available within hours.

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