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Education Research

A guide to starting points in education research at Queen's University, Kingston.

Introducing Omni

Search Omni for books, ebooks, & more

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Omni is a search platform we are sharing with 14 other Ontario university libraries.

If you have any questions about how to find books, ebooks, journal articles, posters, kits, teacher resources, children's books, puppets, DVDs, online video, and more in Omni, just email us at

Questions?  Check out the Library's Omni Search Tips.

TEACHERS:  To create an Omni account so you can renew your items online, go to the non-Queen's logon by clicking SIGN ON on the top corner of the Omni search page.  Use the barcode that is on your library card as your username.  The first time you log in, click FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD? to create yourself a password.  Contact our Service Desk if you have questions or want to renew your items by phone:  613-533-2191.

Find Books by Title

1. Go to the Omni Advanced Search.

2. Change Any Field to Title

3. Change contains to starts with or is (exact), depending on what you know

4. Type in the title:  do not use the, a

5. Change Resource Type to Books & eBooks

Ca't Find the Title You Want?

Ask your Education librarian about the possibility of purchasing the title, whether in print or the e-book version.

We work with major ebook distributors who can sometimes activate an ebook within hours of our request.  Even before the title appears in Summon or QCAT (library catalogue) a ProQuest or EBSCO title will be available in the Queen's collection from that distributor.

RACER, our Interlibrary Loan service is also available to you to fill in gaps in our collection.  Queen's Library will borrow the print book from another library for you, or if it's an article or chapter that you need it will be delivered as a pdf to your email.

EBook Collections

Can't find a title you want? Ask your Education librarian if a purchase is possible.  Ebooks are often accessible within hours of ordering.

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