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Intermediate Senior Geography

Geography Journals

The following journals can be found in Omni:

  • Australian Geographer
  • Geographical Research
  • Geodate 
  • Geographical Journal
  • Geography
  • Geography Teacher
  • Journal of Geography
  • Middle Level Learning
  • National Geographic 
  • Nature Canada
  • Primary Geography
  • Social Education
  • The Social Studies
  • Teaching Geography
  • GA: The Magazine of the Geographical Association (access login information on Password Page)
  • Ontario Association for Geographic and Environmental Organization (OAGEE)

The following journals are available in the Education Library:

  • Interactions: The Ontario Journal of Environmental Education
  • Pathways (outdoor and environmental education in Ontario)
  • The Journal of Environmental Education

The following journals are available open access:

  • Canadian Social Studies: a national social studies journal
  • Canadian Social Trends
  • Canadian Journal of Environmental Education (CJEE)

Find Articles Using Databases

From the Library HomePage, click on Databases (in the Omni search box), then search Education Source:     

Find supporting information by searching an education-specific database such as Education Source:

Education Source

Search Within a Single Journal

METHOD for searching within a single journal that is available online:

Search by journal title in QCAT. Click on link to electronic version.  Prefer Education Source link. Click on Search within this publication. Add secondary education as a search field to narrow.

Featured Journal

cover art

Teaching Geography published by the Geographical Association