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Intermediate Senior Geography


In July 1990, a dispute over a proposed golf course to be built on Kanien’kéhaka (Mohawk) lands in Oka, Quebec, set the stage for a historic confrontation that would grab international headlines and sear itself into Canadian consciousness.
Contains scenes of violence. Includes discussion prompts.

Lesson Plans

Canadian Geographic: Educator Resources, Grade 12
From Canadian Geographic, this webpage includes lesson plans on many topics, such as energy and natural resources, climate change and environment, regional geography, and geographic skills. Lesson plans can be filtered by grade and topic.

An Introduction to Teaching Environmental Racism
A teachers guide to environmental racism. Answers the questions: what is environmental racism, who does it affect, and why is it important to teach?

Why is it so Hot in the City?
Written specifically for this course by University of Guelph, this lesson plan discusses how climate change affects specific regions and analyzes the effects of rural to urban population shifts. This lesson plan corresponds with a podcast episode of the same name.

Alternative Proteins for a More Sustainable Diet
From the University of Guelph's Arrell Food Institute, and the organization Feeding 9 Billion, this lesson plan discusses the impacts of food choices on the environment. Written specifically for this course (as well as CGU4C and CGR4M).

Other Resources

Learn at Home: Grades 9 to 12
Activities and resources for high school students to do at home to supplement their learning.

The True Size
Search and compare the true size of countries.

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