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Intermediate Senior Geography


Due to the open-ended nature of this course, we have chosen not to include specific lesson plans or detailed media. The resources listed below are open-ended resources that can be used to find appropriate materials for the course.

Canadian Geographic: Educator Resources, Grade 11
From Canadian Geographic, this webpage includes lesson plans on many topics, such as energy and natural resources, climate change and environment, regional geography, and geographic skills. Lesson plans can be filtered by grade and topic.

Native Land
An interactive map demonstrating the territories of Indigenous peoples around the world. Can be searched by address to see whose traditional lands you live or to go to school on.

Juicy Geography
Ideas, lessons, and resources for geography teachers.

An Introduction to Teaching Environmental Racism
A teachers guide to environmental racism. Answers the questions: what is environmental racism, who does it affect, and why is it important to teach?

Learn at Home: Grades 9 to 12
Activities and resources for high school students to use at home to supplement their learning.

Google Earth

Google Earth • Google Earth Education • Google Earth Blog 

A free, downloadable application that shows satellite images.

Use Google Earth to

  • Study natural and political maps
  • Learn map reading and navigation
  • Visually explore historical, news, and census data
  • Promote global and environmental awareness


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