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Intermediate Senior Geography

Lesson Plans

The Frank Slide: The Story of Turtle Mountain
This resource includes a video of Turtle Mountain in Frank, Alberta, with discussion questions on the Frank Slide, Canada's deadliest rockslide.

Canadian Geographic: Educator Resources, Grade 11
From Canadian Geographic, this webpage includes lesson plans on many topics, such as energy and natural resources, climate change and environment, regional geography, and geographic skills. Lesson plans can be filtered by grade and topic.

GIS Courses, Lessons, and Activities
From the American Association of Geographers, this webpage has a list of free education resources relating to GIS. The activities range from K-12.

Understanding Active Transport
This activity, from the University of Guelph, introduces the concept of active transportation to students. Includes activities, videos, discussions, and readings. Written specifically for this course (as well as CGG3O and CGR4M).

Other Resources

Learn at Home: Grades 9 to 12
Activities and resources for high school students to use at home to supplement their learning.

Knowing Fire
This interactive article details the importance of Indigenous-led forest fire response, particularly when it comes to their traditional lands. It discusses the BC government's failure to take Indigenous knowledge into account, the government's refusal to do fire mitigation, and the devastating fires that were worsened by these decisions.
The independent report mentioned in the article, analyzing what went wrong with the response to the 2017 wildfires and floods, can be found here.

Resources in the Education Library


CBC and Radio-Canada. Documentaries from television and radio, news reports, archival material, stock shots, and more. To take advantage of campus features (such as creating playlists) you will need to create an account.

National Film Board
Over 1000 films are available free, 3000 available with an account. Also includes teaching guides. To take advantage of campus features such as creating playlists and chapters, you will need to create a profile.

Films on Demand
Humanities and Social Sciences video collections.

Criterion on Demand
A large English and French streaming or download service with option of closed captioning.

A collection of Canadian video segments that is searchable by provincial curriculum subjects, grades, and strands. Includes PDF teacher guides when available, and content is downloadable.