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Intermediate Senior Geography

Lesson Plans

Deepening Knowledge: Resources for and about Indigenous Education
From the University of Toronto, this resource includes multiple grade 8 lesson plans. Most of them are geared primarily towards history, but they can still hold value in the geography classroom.

Canadian Geographic: Educator Resources, Grade 8
From Canadian Geographic, this webpage includes lesson plans on many topics, such as energy and natural resources, climate change and environment, regional geography, and geographic skills. Lesson plans can be filtered by grade and topic.

Flooding in Canada
From FloodSmart Canada, this resource on flooding in Canada includes lesson plans for grades 5 to 12.

Other Resources

TVO Learn
TVO Learn is designed as a student resource, but can also be useful in the classroom. The grade 8 section includes learning activities (which will require instruction from an adult), as well as other resources for learning and prompts to apply what students have learned. Resources include videos and articles that may be useful for class instruction.

Learn at Home: Grades 7 and 8
From the Ontario government, these resources are designed for learning at home, either independently or with the help of a parent or guardian

Google Earth

Google Earth • Google Earth Education 

Use Google Earth to

  • Study natural and political maps
  • Learn map reading and navigation
  • Visually explore historical, news, and census data
  • Promote global and environmental awareness


Resources in the Education Library


Nelson GEO 8 Student Book (on the Trillium List until August 31, 2023)

Nelson GEO8: Teacher's Resource (on the Trillium List until August 31, 2023)


Video Collections