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Primary Junior Social Studies Teacher Resources

Here you will find teacher and classroom resources to support The Ontario Curriculum: Social Studies, Grades 1 to 6 (2018).

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Resources for Grade 1 to 6 Teachers

Welcome!social studies curriculum ontario 2018

The Queen's Education Library supports your teaching of Social Studies by providing you with:

  • curated lists of children's information books matched to the Ontario Social Studies curriculum
  • picture books & novels to introduce and enrich the social studies topics you are exploring & teaching
  • the Social Studies textbooks used in Ontario classrooms with their teacher guides
  • Social Studies lesson plans written for the Ontario curriculum
  • print and online access to professional journals for Grade 1 to 6 Social Studies teachers
  • DVDs and online video selected for their portrayal of the topics, events, and experiences covered in the Ontario Social Studies curriculum

Email me if you have recommendations to keep our collections connected to your classrooms!

Location of Teacher and Classroom Resources

Floor 1:

Children's Collection: Children's fiction and information books

Teacher Resource Room: Big books, puppets, DVDs, posters, audiobooks, and hands-on resources in kits.

School Textbooks: K-12 student textbooks with accompanying teacher guides


Floor 2:

Teaching Collection: Professional resources for teachers including lesson plans, instructional strategies, and more.

French Collection: Children's books and teacher resources have been merged into one collection.


Floor 3:

Research Collection: Scholarly resources that report on past and current research in the field of Education. The collection focuses on Canadian and Indigenous education, with deep holdings in the areas of curriculum, social justice, instructional strategies, and research methods.

More Online:  ebooks for children & teachers, video from at the CBC, Campus at the NFB, On-Core, Learn360, and more.

Evaluating Children's Books with Indigenous Content

While some children's books present Indigenous peoples and themes in an honest, sensitive way, others reinforce negative stereotypes. Resources listed below are meant to assist you in evaluating children's literature for bias.

Titles on the Trillium List

trillium list logo

The Trillium List is the list of classroom resources that have been approved for use by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

The Nelson Canada series is currently the only title listed on Ontario's Trillium List for Social Studies, Grades 1 to 6.

This Nelson series plus other relevant textbooks and teacher guides that could be used for lesson planning for the Ontario Social Studies curriculum are listed by grade and strand on the pages linked to the left sidebar menu.

Open Access Lesson Plans

Book Lists

The Canadian Children's Book Centre staff have carefullly selected a list of Canadian children's books on topics in history. Teachers will appreciate that the book recommendations in the History Book Bank include a concise summary and a suggested grade and age range..

ccbc history bank image

The website Mirrors Windows Doors, created and maintained by Marjorie Coughlan, is an excellent source of children's & YA literature titles on a range of diverse issues.  See especially, the link to online reading lists on topics celebrating diversity in literature, including adoption, refugees, and countries around the world.

Recommended Reading

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