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Primary Junior Social Studies Teacher Resources

Here you will find teacher and classroom resources to support The Ontario Curriculum: Social Studies, Grades 1 to 6 (2018).

Videos in the Library Collection

The Attawandaron: First Residents

The Attawandaron: First Residents

This video in the On-Core collection.

"The first residents of Elgin County were a respected and industrious Nation known as the Attawandarons, known as the Neutrals. In 1626 Father La Roche Daillon, a Recollect missionary undertook a visit to these people, thinking he could convert them to the Christian religion. Conflict and epidemics led to their disappearance as a separate race by 1653."

More Recommendations

The Wampum Belt: A Nation to Nation Relationship

The Wampum Belt: A Nation to Nation Relationship

4 Seasons of Reconciliation is a multi-media teaching unit that promotes a renewed relationship between Indigenous Peoples and Canadians, through transformative multi-media learning.  Scroll halfway down the page for the video.

What is Wampum? | NYS Museum

What is Wampum?  NYS Museum

"This video, filmed on location at the Onondaga Nation School in Onondaga Nation, focuses on the history and purposes of wampum and wampum belts in the Haudenosaunee culture. Also included is a description of the Hiawatha Belt and its symbolism. This video accompanies New York State Education Department ELA curriculum module 4M1A."

Syrup | Heritage Minute

syrup heritage minute video

A family of Attikamek First Nations show a French Canadian family how to harvest the syrup of the sugar maple (1710).