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Primary Junior Social Studies Teacher Resources

Here you will find teacher and classroom resources to support The Ontario Curriculum: Social Studies, Grades 1 to 6 (2018).

Web Sites

Christmas in Canada

The Canadian Encyclopedia logo

Christmas is celebrated in a variety of ways in Canada.  Learn all about the holiday in modern and historical Canada.

DK Find Out | World Holidays and World Festivals

DK find out: world holidays and world festivals

Find out about the festivals and holidays, religions and politics, cultures and traditions, and special events around the world.

Kids' Health


Topics about families, ranging from adoption, divorce, moving house, stepfamilies, twins, and many more.

Farm & Food Care - Ontario

Farm and Food Care Ontario

Projects, educational materials, links, and resources about farms in Ontario and how food is produced.



Multimedia resources in French from kindergarten to grade 12. Festivals page

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Video and text information about festivals around the world for readers 6 to 14 years.

Fun & Games

Crafts Around the World

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Contains dozens of crafts that kids and educators can make, each with defined skill level, grade range, and supplies needed.

ABCya! Educational Computer Games for Kids

ABCya! Educational Computer Games for Kids

Games and apps for the pre-K to grade 6 classroom.

TVO Kids - Games

tvo kids help zone

"Covering virtually all Ontario Curriculum areas for Grades JK-5, TVO-produced children’s content is built in collaboration with educational consultants and classroom-tested to ensure specific educational objectives are met."