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Primary Junior Social Studies Teacher Resources

Here you will find teacher and classroom resources to support The Ontario Curriculum: Social Studies, Grades 1 to 6 (2018).

Videos in the Library Collection

First Peoples - Manitoulin

First Peoples - Manitoulin

This video is in the On-Core collection.

"First Nations people migrated from the east to the Great Lakes woodlands, and developed a lifestyle that allowed them to live in harmony with the land and each other. The Anishinabek have an oral tradition that tells how the first tribes arrived on Manitoulin Island at least 9,000 years ago."

Inuit Odyssey

Inuit Odyssey

This video is in the Curio collection.

Inuit Odyssey follows Canadian Arctic anthropologist Niobe Thompson on a visually stunning journey across the North to trace the origins of the modern Inuit. In a circumpolar expedition stretching from the ancient hearth of Thule culture in Siberia, to the high Arctic home of the gentle Dorset people, and to the final battleground of the Thule and the Norse in Greenland, Inuit Odyssey explores the mysteries of the Thule conquest of the Arctic.

More Recommendations

Lost Secrets of the Pyramid

The Nature of Things logo

"Technologies of the past and present come together to reveal the untold mysteries of one of the world's most recognisable structures. Lost Secrets of the Pyramid is a breath-taking dive into the vanished world of the ancient Egyptians, using immersive CGI imagery and unique access to new excavations."

Did the First North Americans Cross the Atlantic on an Ice Bridge?

ice bridge video

"It is widely believed that the first migrants to North America arrived approximately 14,000 years ago, having trekked across a land bridge spanning the Bering Strait from Siberia to Alaska. However, extraordinary new evidence supports an explosive new theory of another trip to the New World."

A Day in the Life of an Ancient Egyptian Doctor

A day in the life of an Ancient Egyptian doctor video

"Elizabeth Cox outlines a day in the life of an ancient Egyptian doctor."