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Primary Junior Science & Technology Teacher Resources

Classroom and teacher resources for 1-6.

Materials, Objects, & Everyday Structures

Grade 1: Understanding Structures & Mechanisms

Hands-On Kits

Everyday Materials, Objects and Structures Science Kit.

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Covers the following:

Strand A: STEM Skills and Connections

Strand D: Everyday Materials, Objects and Structures

This kit covers materials, and structures as constructed from materials. It stresses the properties of materials and structures, including texture, and how they interact with water. Materials are provided for five activities. 


Lesson Plans

Materials, Objects, and Everyday Structures from

These sequential lessons include a brief summary of each day's lesson as well as any sheets, posters, and videos needed to teach it.

Plankton & Tube's Amazing Science Adventures: Materials and Objects

A teacher guide by McIntyre Media.  Accompanying DVD can be found on the first floor Teacher Resource Room, QC 21.3 .P53 2012 DVD pt.001.

Materials 1: Materials and Manufacturing and Materials 2: Recycled Materials from AAAS ScienceNetLinks

These lessons will help students understand the importance of using the right materials to build structures and how we can reuse old materials to build something new.

Properties of Materials from PBS LearningMedia

Ideas for exploring the properties of materials.  This website suggests testing objects for their ability to sink or float, sorting items into different groups, and provides video clips of a teacher explaining concepts to students.

Online Video


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This video is in the On-Core collection.

"Materials are held together with fasteners. Nuts and bolts, zippers, helmet straps, staples, buttons, glue, tape, and velcro are all used to join materials. Human made objects can also cause pollution, so it is important to reduce, reuse, and recycle objects."

Man-Made and Natural Materials

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This video is in the On-Core collection.

"A short video about how some materials come from nature while others are manufactured in factories. Examples of more environmentally friendly options to replace man-made materials are also given."

Animal Structures

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This video is in the On-Core collection.

"Every structure has a shape, size, and function. Many human-made structures have been influenced by structures found in nature. See how different animals like birds, beavers, and spiders construct homes to provide themselves with shelter and safety."

Information Books