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Rocks and Minerals

Grade 4: Understanding Earth and Space Systems

Hands-On Kits

Rocks, Minerals, and Geological Processes Science Kit.

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Covers the following:

Strand A: STEM Skills and Connections

Strand E: Rocks, Minerals, and Geological Processes

Included in this kit are samples of rocks, minerals, and fossils for students to examine. Students will learn to differentiate between different types of rocks and minerals, as well as test. Teachers should be mindful of the proper ways of handling the provided materials, and read any labels provided by this kit which instruct careful handling. This kit provides materials for seven activities. 

Lesson Plans

Rocks and Minerals from Aboriginal Access to Education

This unit covers the Understanding Earth and Space Systems strand of the Grade 4 Ontario Science and Technology Curriculum, Rocks and Minerals, through use of culturally representative Indigenous stories and learning materials.

Rocks and Minerals Activities from STAO

"The series of lessons provided for the Rocks and Minerals topic of the Science and Technology curriculum have been developed with the perspective that students learn best when they are able to: interact with their environment, particularly in the out of doors; consider the broader implications of their learning; and, work in a collaborative atmosphere of shared knowledge, which furthers the group as a whole rather than select individuals."

Rocks and Minerals Unit from Northside OWL Initiative

"In this unit, students learn about rocks and minerals as well as processes that shape the earth with the assistance of a pet rock that they collect. Through hands-on activities and outdoor explorations, students will examine the properties of rocks and minerals, the three types of rocks and the rock cycle, and how rocks and landforms change over time."

Online Video

The Rock Cycle Song

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"A catchy song that explains how each rock form is created and how all rocks go through the rock cycle of becoming metamorphic, sedimentary, and igneous."

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