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Primary Junior Science & Technology Teacher Resources

Classroom and teacher resources for 1-6.


Grade 6: Understanding Structures & Mechanisms

Hands-On Kits

Flight Science Kit.

Call Number: TBD

Covers the following:

Strand A: STEM Skills and Connections

Strand D: Flight 

Students will be introduced to the four forces in flight, being; lift, weight, thrust, and drag. They will investigate the properties of air and learn how these properties, along with the imbalance of forces, allow for flight in living a and how the properties of air and unbalanced forces allow living organisms and machines to fly. This kit provides materials for six activities. 

Lesson Plans

Plankton & Tube's Amazing Science Adventures: The Science of Flight

A teacher guide by McIntyre Media.  Accompanying DVD can be found on the first floor Teacher Resource Room, QC 21.3 .P53 2012 DVD pt.005.

Flight Unit Lesson Guide from STEM NORTH

A series of lessons that build on each other.  Includes worksheets and rubrics for each lesson for teachers to use for assessment purposes.

NASA Design Challenge

A teacher guide that prepares you to teach your students the material needed to create their own propellers, lists opportunities for extensions, and has cross curricular connections.

Airplanes Unit from Teach Engineering

A unit schedule with a list of lessons and activities. Lessons include summaries of ideas/lessons and short assessments.

Online Video

Science Max: Air and Flight

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"Aerodynamics! What makes airplanes (or basketballs, or people) fly? It's air. As well as a bunch of other things that we learn when we try to make a giant paper airplane. Plus, floating a ping pong ball on air, home-made tornadoes, and Phil uses air friction to go indoor skydiving."

How do Airplanes Fly?

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"Minute Physics provides an energetic and entertaining view of old and new problems in physics - all in a minute!"

Information Books