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Primary Junior Science & Technology Teacher Resources

Classroom and teacher resources for 1-6.

Needs & Characteristics of Living Things

Grade 1: Understanding Life Systems

Hands-On Kits

Needs and Characteristics of Living Things Science Kit.

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Covers the following:

Strand A: STEM Skills and Connections

Strand B: Needs and Characteristics of Living Things

Stressing the importance of a healthy environment, this kit focuses on  the physical characteristics of living things, and how living things provide for their needs. Also included in this kit are activities which focus on different parts of the body, including the five senses. This kit includes materials for five activities. 

Lesson Plans

National Geographic Kids

This website has categorized various animal types and gives examples of each with facts that go with it. The facts and pictures are an easy way for students to learn about and compare the physical characteristics of each animal and their needs.

Kids Health in the Classroom:  The Five Senses. (2015).

This Teacher's Guide pdf offers activities that teach students about their five senses.  K-2.

The Needs and Characteristics of Living Things from

A unit plan on the needs and characteristics of living things. These sequential lessons include a brief summary of each day's lesson as well as any sheets, posters, and videos needed to teach it.

Online Video

Paradise Lost

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This video is from the National Film Board of Canada.

"This short animation by artist and animator Evelyn Lambart offers a wordless plea for the right of all living creatures to a clean, unpolluted environment. With rich colour and intricate animated motion, the film features birds, butterflies and other woodland creatures succumbing to air pollution caused by human inventions."

The Five Senses | The Dr. Binocs Show

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"Learn about the five senses with Dr. Binocs."

Information Books