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Primary Junior Science & Technology Teacher Resources

Classroom and teacher resources for 1-6.

Growth and Changes in Plants

Grade 3: Understanding Life Systems

Hands-On Kits

Growth and Changes in Plants Science Kit.

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Covers the following:

Strand A: STEM Skills and Connections

Strand B: Growth and Changes in Plants 

In this kit, students will investigate the characteristics of plants, including the basic needs of plants and their parts. Also included are several packages which expand on the local production of food items, how plants are grown, and how they are shipped to markets. Teachers are encouraged to bring to classes live samples of plants as specified in some activities, though pictures or models may serve as alternatives. This kit provides materials for seven activities. 

Lesson Plans

Ocean Sunlight: How Tiny Plants Feed the Seas from AAAS ScienceNetLinks

This lesson teaches students about photosynthesis using the book "Ocean Sunlight" by Molly Bang and Penny Chisholm.  Find this book in the first floor Children's Collection, QH 515.B26 2012.

How Does a Seed Become a Plant? from The Edible Garden Project

This lesson plan has a two part lesson that includes the 4 E's. The lesson goes over how to introduce the topic of planting seeds and how to execute it. There is also a diagram for students to label, graphs to complete, journal templates and a card activity on the sequence of how a plant should grow.

The Tree of Life - Canoe Lesson from STAO

A series of activities done through an Indigenous lens. Through this information and the activities/lessons, it is hoped that you will build a sense of community, learn the importance of language, culture, and gain some teachings of the land all while building a relationship with Wiigwaas Aatik, Betula Paperifera, or White (paper) Birch.

Plant Growth and Changes from the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation

This lesson addresses plant growth and has an inquiry focus.

Online Video

Stages of Plant Life Cycles


"This video covers the life cycle of a plant and describes the different parts of a plant."

How Does a Seed Become a Plant?

video thumbnail

"Jessi and Squeaks show you how a tiny seed - like the kind you eat in your trail mix! - grows into a big plant!  They use the proper terminology to label the parts of the seed, explain the stages of a seed's growth and its needs."

TEDEd: The Amazing Ways Plants Defend Themselves

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"Valentin Hammoudi explains some of the fascinating ways that plants defend themselves."

Information Books