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Primary Junior Science & Technology Teacher Resources

Classroom and teacher resources for 1-6.

Forces Acting on Structures & Mechanisms

Grade 5: Understanding Structures & Mechanisms

Hands-On Kits

Forces Acting on Structures Science Kit.

Call Number: TBD

Covers the following:

Strand A: STEM Skills and Connections

Strand D: Forces Acting on Structures

Students will identify internal and external forces acting on structures. Students will learn about the effects of forces from natural phenomena on structures, and further explore forces through simple machines. This kit provides materials for seven activities. 

Lesson Plans

Plankton & Tube's Amazing Science Adventures: Forces Acting on Structures

A teacher guide by McIntyre Media.  Accompanying DVD can be found on the first floor Teacher Resource Room, QC 21.3 .P53 2012 DVD pt.003.

Earthquake Damage Lesson Plan from Science North

A lesson plan that will teach students what happens to structures when an earthquake strikes.

Hands-On Kits

Forces Acting on Structures & Mechanisms

Teacher Resource Room, Floor 1, QC 73.4 .F67 2018. This kit provides students with opportunities to learn and develop and understanding of forces by designing and building mechanical devices and structures. They will identify the forces acting on and within structures and mechanisms, and give simple descriptions of forces.

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