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Forces Causing Movement

Grade 3: Understanding Matter & Energy

Hands-On Kits

Forces and Motion Science Kit.

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Covers the following:

Strand A: STEM Skills and Connections

Strand C: Forces and Motion

In this kit, students explore contact and non-contact forces, including; friction, static electricity, gravity, and magnetism through various activities. The use of forces in daily life, as well as the impact of forces caused by human activities and natural phenomena, are examined. This kit provides materials for six activities. 

Lesson Plans

Forces Causing Movement from

These sequential lessons include a brief summary of each day's lesson as well as any sheets, posters, and videos needed to teach it.

Falling from AAAS ScienceNetLinks

"This lesson introduces students to gravity as a force, focusing on the concept of falling."

Online Video

Magnet Force
From On Core
(2:31 min.) BBC Learning.

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