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Primary Junior Science & Technology Teacher Resources

Classroom and teacher resources for 1-6.


Grade 6: Understanding Earth and Space Systems

Hands-On Kits

Space Science Kit.

Call Number: TBD

Covers the following:

Strand A: STEM Skills and Connections

Strand E: Space

Students will identify different components of the solar system, including planets and natural satellites. The concepts of mass and weight will be introduced, and the difference between them will be explained. Activities in this kit will expand on the impact of planetary bodies on our lives, as well as the impact that space exploration and technology has impacted our society. This kit provides materials for eight activities. 


Lesson Plans

Exploring the Solar System from AAAS ScienceNetLinks

"This lesson will introduce students to earth's moon and the eight planets in our solar system."

Space Unit Lesson Guide from STEM NORTH

Lessons on space exploration, relative position, and motion of the Earth, Moon, and Sun, the solar system, stars and constellations.  Includes worksheets and rubrics for each lesson for teachers to use for assessment purposes.

Space Box Inquiry Project from STAO

Students will become experts on a method of space exploration or phenomenon in space and design a space box. This resource includes an assignment rubric, handout, lesson plan, and space box photos. Go to our Passwords Page for your Queen's teacher candidate access to STAO. If you forget the password for that page email your Education Librarian.

Online Video

Earth's Rotation and Revolution

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"In this episode of Crash Course Kids, Sabrina talks about the Earth's rotation and revolution and how these things contribute to night and day and how Earth's tilt gives us seasons."


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