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Intermediate Senior History

Lesson Plans

Canadian History from a First Nations Perspective 
OSSTF prepared comprehensive unit plan for grade 10 Canadian history.

Ontario Educational Resource Bank 
Animated lessons and interactive maps for grade 10 history students learning about WWI. Password required.

80 Degrees North
A resource from TEACH Magazine (sign up for a free account to have full access)
The Canadian Arctic Expedition (1913-1918) was divided into two parties, the Northern and Southern. The Northern Party tasked to explore north of Alaska, chart and map territories, and discover new lands while claiming them for the Crown. The Southern Party's mandate focused on examining the wildlife and plant life of the Artic region, interact with Copper Inuit commuities, and document their way of life. 

The Great Depression
This lesson plan, put together by StatsCan, has students compare data sets to help them understand the effects of the Great Depression.

Internment in Canada
This resource, from the Critical Thinking Consortium, discusses Canada's history of internment during the world wars. It also includes material on residential schools, and the Chinese Head Tax.

The Quiet Revolution
Four lesson plans on the Quiet Revolution in Quebec. Note - many of the primary documents used in this resource pack are in French.

Teaching Diverse Perspectives in Canada Using Anti-Racism Resources
Guide by Braden Wylie, B.Ed. 2021
An introduction to Experiences Canada resources.

Archives of Ontario Lesson Plans - Grade 10
All resource and lesson kits align with the Social Studies, History, and Canadian and World Studies curricula and emphasize the skills of historical inquiry, interpretation, and analysis.

Indigenous Perspectives in History and Civics
Incudes information on FNMI perspectives in CHC2D and CHC2P (also includes CHV2O).

Expo 67
From Canada's History, this unit uses Expo 67 as a "lens" to examine Canada at both 100 and 150 years.