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Intermediate Senior History

Indigenous Voices on Treaties

Education Guides from the Archives of Ontario

  • Resources created by the Archives of Ontario
    • Height of the Land lesson kit (gr. 9-12) (WordPDF)

Treaty Maps

Map of Ontario Treaties and Reserves
This resource can be used to demonstrate to students what treaty is connected to the land they live on, and which Indigenous nations are located in the surrounding area. This webpage has a searchable map, as well as descriptions of each treaty and land agreement. There are over 40 treaties and land agreements in Ontario - some of the land boundaries on this map may be interpreted differently by Indigenous communities.

Whose Land
This resource has an interactive map demonstrating whose land you're on, as well as other resources both for personal education, and for educators to bring to their classrooms. See the lesson plans page for a link to their lesson plans for this age group. 

The James Bay Treaty - (Treaty No. 9)

The James Bay Treaty - Treaty #9 from the Archives of Ontario
"This exhibit explores different interpretations of the James Bay Treaty, the background behind the treaty’s creation and its impact on Indigenous communities, and the role that archival records and other forms of memory have come to play in the story of Treaty No. 9."