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Intermediate Senior History


Grades 11 and 12: Canadian and World Studies, 2015

Grade 11:
American History (CHA3U)
World History to the End of the Fifteenth Century (CHW3M)
Origins and Citizenship: The History of a Canadian Ethnic Group (CHE3O)
World History since 1900: Global and Regional Interactions (CHT3O)


Growing Success: Assessment, Evaluation, and Reporting in Ontario Schools
A PDF containing information to help teachers complete report cards. It also contains information for parents, which will help them understand the reporting process. Covers grades 1 to 12. 

Think Literacy

Think Literacy includes lesson plans, videos, posters and other teaching resources that are focused on literacy for students in grades 7 to 12.These resources will help you strengthen the connection between literacy skills and the courses you are teaching. From the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Think Literacy Cross-Curricular Approaches, Grades 7-12:

Professional Learning:

Resource Libraries: